Police Find Ditch-Littering Mississauga Couple

police-find-ditch-littering-mississauga-coupleA Nottawasaga resident reported the vehicle build and license plate number to the OPP of two people who were disposing of their household garbage in a ditch next to a main roadway.

One police officer was sent to the location, a side-road of Adjala-Tosorontio Township, and discovered the full garbage bags after a few minutes of searching.

The people responsible have been identified as a couple from Mississauga and charged for disobeying the rules of the Environmental Protection Act and the Highway Traffic Act. The two offenders will go to court later this year.

If any residents of the area see anyone else recklessly dumping garbage, they are urged to call the authorities as soon as possible to help protect the environment and have those responsible for harming it, face the appropriate consequences.

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Smart Waste Bins to be used in Pittsburgh

smart-waste-bins-to-be-used-in-pittsburghWhile everything around us has become “smart” and tech-focused such as our cars, phones, etc, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing this same phenomenon being applied to waste collection. Pittsburgh will soon spend upwards of $580,000 on hundreds of “smart” waste bins – disposal cans that send an alert to employees at Public Works when they’ve reached maximum capacity.

These new waste bins are expected to reduce the hours of work employees are assigned to check on the amount of waste in bins all over the city, after receiving the go-ahead from City Council from a 5 to 2 vote. The aim is to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of overflowing litter.

Some city leaders can’t get behind the new rule, insisting the cost for such a small change is too high. Other are optimistic that these smart cans will have a significant impact on working hours.

The smart waste bins are to be arranged by this summer, and the city will begin to observe and analyze the effects they have.

What are your thoughts on “smart bins” and do you think Toronto would benefit from something similar?

Source: http://www.garbagebinrentals.ca/waste-collection-removal-disposal-blog/405-smart-waste-bins-to-be-used-in-pittsburgh.html

Eliminating Highrise Building Carbon Emissions

eliminating-highrise-building-carbon-emissionsCanada’s biggest cities need a construction adjustment if they wish to be kinder to the environment. Right now, Toronto’s apartment buildings contribute to half of the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Montreal and Vancouver are much like Toronto in terms of architecture, putting them at risk as well.

Of course, Toronto still comes out on top in the skyscraper count, accounting for three of every ten domiciles. Surprisingly, highrise buildings give off fewer harmful gases than traditional houses do, so the solution isn’t a simple one.

London, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City all have more apartment buildings than individual houses, and while that number continues to grow, skyscraper designers are slowly moving towards an emissions-free approach. Canada’s federal government would like this plan to be achieved by 2030 with a $182 million minimum.

Toronto is already on the right track, having decreased their greenhouse gas emissions by almost a quarter since the nineties. But these environmental gains aren’t the result of fixing the construction of dwellings, and the city will fail to meet its 2050 goal of an 8.7 million ton reduction unless buildings are dealt with soon, seeing as building worldwide create 17% of the country’s emissions.

In the future, it will be extremely important for builders to think long and hard about how heating and ventilation is put together, and to avoid carbon lock-in, a design that allows the building to release carbon until the feature is adjusted. One possible solution is to create an aeration system for an area with a handful of dwellings, heating and cooling several buildings simultaneously.

Big Canadian cities need effective remedies fast if they wish to prevent inflicting more harm on the country and the earth itself. Putting goals into place and analyzing feasible solutions is a solid starting point.

Source: http://www.garbagebinrentals.ca/waste-collection-removal-disposal-blog/404-eliminating-highrise-building-carbon-emissions.html

Coca-Cola’s Plastic Bottles aren’t the only thing Hurting the Planet

coca-colas-plastic-bottles-arent-the-only-thing-hurting-the-planetCoca-Cola managed to pump out over 100 billion plastic bottles in 2016 alone, a clear indication of its large contribution to the ocean’s pollution. But it also consumes more caffeine and sugar cane than any other single company in the world. Due to its shockingly large environmental impact, green organizations have flocked to Coca-Cola every year.

The food firm was against the possibility of introducing additional fees to soft drinks that would be reimbursed when the empty containers were returned, but in the seventies, the industry opted for aluminum cans that were easier for buyers to return, better to recycle, and didn’t require an extra vehicle to transport to a factory.

Coca-Cola and other big name brands fought against this principle and won, claiming the extra fees tacked onto the drinks would reduce sales. The traditional return system was substituted with recycling bins distributed to each home paid for by the government. This method was implemented almost nationwide by the eighties.

While companies benefitted from the lack of additional fees, the environment suffered. Coca-Cola’s plastic bottles are indeed recyclable, but are not being collected properly. Although soft drink companies were warned that return systems were best for the earth, they stubbornly refused to listen.

The return systems in 1929 were used by four-fifths of Coca-Cola plants and were able to complete many cycles of reuse to get the most out of the material. For comparison, researchers looked at other options and decided that glass bottles were the most environmentally-friendly. Because this was a rare method, the company went with plastic.

Would additional fees for packaging have affected Coca-Cola’s sales? Perhaps. But the omission of these fees has hurt the planet, causing recycling in which less than one-third of plastic bottles were reused. Fortunately, the firm is looking into bringing back the return system, which is expected to improve recycling.

This new system is a clear win for Coca-Cola, but they may always struggle to defend the sugar-laden liquid within their containers that is often linked to poor health and obesity. The introduction of Coca-Cola Life, a stevia-sweetened version of the beverage packaged in aluminum cans, is a step in the right direction for the health of both people and the environment.

Source: http://www.garbagebinrentals.ca/waste-collection-removal-disposal-blog/403-coca-cola-s-plastic-bottles-aren-t-the-only-thing-hurting-the-planet.html

Garbage Bins will no longer be used in Korean Public Washrooms

garbage-bins-will-no-longer-be-used-in-korean-public-washroomsAfter years of having people throw used toilet paper into garbage bins, Korea will be removing these said bins and offering easy breakdown toilet paper to combat sanitation problems at the beginning of 2018.

The unpleasant smell and lack of hygiene produced by the garbage bins became a serious issue recently, leading to the writing and passing of a new bill for the abolishment of the system. To accommodate the needs of women, one feminine hygiene box will be placed in each stall.

Changing the disposal system of the country’s public washrooms will also offer easier utilization and added comfort, especially for foreigners who are unfamiliar with the nation’s current method. Frequent subway users are expected to benefit the most.

In addition to the waste bin removal, cleaning staff will need to put up a sign when in the opposite sex’s washroom, and panels will be placed between urinals in the men’s facility.

The government hopes to restore cleanliness and comfort to its restrooms by putting these new rules into place.

Source: http://www.garbagebinrentals.ca/waste-collection-removal-disposal-blog/402-garbage-bins-will-no-longer-be-used-in-korean-public-washrooms.html

Researchers locate Five-century-old Shipwrecked Anchor in Caribbean


Image: Fox News

An anchor dating back nearly five centuries has been found by experts off the coast of the Caicos and Turks islands, but this anchor isn’t just ancient – it’s suspected to have been used by Christopher Columbus himself.

The anchor weighs in at around 545 kg and was reportedly used between 1492 and 1550. The size, weight, and make of the anchor all point towards its use for one of Columbus’ ships. Experts were able to locate the site with extensive research, an astronomical treasure map, and a magnetometer for diving and investigating the shipwreck.

Research shows the clear connection between the shipwreck and the Pinzon brothers, who captained the two of the famous Columbus ships, the Nina and the Pinta. The former of the two ships was taken down by a hurricane in 1500 while stabilized in close to the islands by which it was recently found.

The anchor wasn’t the only thing discovered among the Nina’s waterlogged remains. Pottery shards, iron spikes, and grappling hooks were examined by archaeologists. All of these items perfectly fit the time period of the Columbus expeditions.

Although the recovered artifacts are fascinating, what’s more important is how the shipwreck site was found – mainly through the use of the astronomical map. This map could lead experts to even greater discoveries, making it invaluable to professionals. Let’s hope we can expose more of the past in the near future.

Source: http://www.garbagebinrentals.ca/waste-collection-removal-disposal-blog/401-researchers-locate-five-century-old-shipwrecked-anchor-in-caribbean.html

The Benefits of Hiring a Garbage Bin Rental Company

the-benefits-of-hiring-a-garbage-bin-rental-companyGarbage bin rental services are often used by large construction and renovation companies to facilitate the demolition or waste collection portion of a project. These bins come in various sizes however and can be used by businesses, construction companies and even individuals depending on the specific need.

When renovating your home, you’ll probably require one place to keep all of the debris and garbage accumulated during your renovation. You’ll most likely be dealing with a variety of materials such as floor tile, wallpaper, cabinetry, counter tops, old hardware and maybe even some hazardous materials. Employing the services of a disposal bin rental company will take care of all your waste collection needs.

Getting help from a garbage bin rental company is the right choice, especially when hosting an event such as a big outdoor party, where you may end up with loads of garbage. A reputable disposal bin rental company will provide you with a stress-free experience while taking care of all the waste-related details so you can focus on planning an awesome party! Did we mention you won’t have any clean-up to do after the party?

When it comes to renovations, using a garbage bin rental service will ensure you have a neat atmosphere around your house after remodelling your space. A garbage bin rental company will discard all the waste that has accumulated during the renovation process.

A professional garbage bin rental service will provide you with a dumpster. They should not only ensure the presence of a dumpster, but they should also dispose of the waste for you. Hiring a professional and capable garbage bin rental service will ensure you have less to cope with after your construction project or event as they will sort out any issue relating to waste disposal for you.

A reputable garbage bin rental service will also provide you with different containers of various sizes to collect trash according to your specific needs. They can arrange and schedule delivery times as well as dispose of your waste in an ecological manner.

For all your garbage bin rental needs in Toronto, contact Core Mini Bins for services such as junk removal, excavation services, waste removal services, demolition services, garbage removal services, licensed disposal services, etc.

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